Selected social, educational and art projects initiated curated and designed by Sereg


Kond is one of the oldest existing districts located in central Yerevan, which keeps native planning in most areas, and native atmosphere. Mainly ignored by local government and society, Kond stays there to be demolished one day. Nothing is clear. Tons of ideas exist about what can Kond be transformed to, but few actions are made. By bridging the gap between public art and local community, Kond Gallery becomes an open platform for artists around the world to express themselves and share common values to reshape Kond and bring second life to the district. From old school graffiti scene to new school street artists from UK to Moscow to Barcelona leave their pieces at Kond Gallery. Enjoy the video below, get more informed about the initiative taking place in downtown Yerevan / Kond / Kozern / St. Hovhannes Chuch hood area.

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Jump Design Conference is a series of talks and special events dedicated to design, technology and lifestyle. Design industry leads representing Google, Studio Dumbar, Farfetch, Picsart and share their vision on the future of design. What's coming next, and where are we heading?
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#պեչենուբաղեր #cookiegarden
Social house and experimental creative space in downtown Yerevan. Open door disco cafe and for independent creatives. Vinyl jazz and contemporary music nights. Open scene for musicians to collaborate. Meaning behind the name, is to pretend yourself a fool, and get lost in cookie garden.