Sereg Navasardyan

Graphic Designer ✦ Uncontemporary Artist.

36 Y.O.

Located in
Yerevan, Armenia

Skills and Competences
Visual Communication
Graphic Design
Team Management & Leadership

Languages spoken
English, Russian, Armenian
About me
Born into a family of musicians and engineers, I tried to direct my boundless curiosity at an early age to discover myself through various arts and crafts forms.

With a mixed mindset inspired by infinite love for abstract art and my rational-analytical mindset, I found myself in the realm called design. The perfect medium to me to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Educated through practical work as a junior graphic designer with various creative people and projects, after some time I graduated to an art director and digital visual designer.
Selected Projects & Creative Experience
TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
Design Mentor / 2014 / 2018

-Design and lead of New Media workshops for TUMO’s students.
-Develop students’ skills through designing educational materials for student self-learning
-Examine students’ self-learning results and provide daily feedbacks
-Develop students’ skills in web & graphic design
Conceptual jewellery lab & store.

Identity, Branding

Editorial Design & cover illustration

Sergey Navasardyan
Jump Design Conference

Co-Founder / Branding / Web Design

Est 2018
As an advocate of non-formal education, I have always been inspired by the idea of ​​organizing a design conference in my hometown with the help of my network of designers and friends.

That idea became a reality in 2019 with the help of my colleagues, we founded the Jump Design Conference, which was attended by speakers from Google, Farfetch, Studio Dumbar,, and other well-known companies and studios. Unfortunately, after the pandemic, it was not possible to repeat it, but I hope my friends will continue this amazing initiative we founded at the earliest opportunity.
What else i do?

Being a great enthusiast of contemporary art, more specifically urban contemporary art, I started a project to help the impoverished urban community redefine its existence and try to find economic possibilities for its residents through public art.

Bringing together various public and street artists from around the world, I created an open-air gallery, which in turn brought foot traffic, and huge interest to the community, which continues to evolve to this day.
postrabiz app
Experimental AR experience aimed to bring some of the prominent (and frogotten) soviet contemporary art objects into mixed reality.

UX/UI Design


AppStore & PlayMarket
photo by Boogie (Vladimir Milivojevich)