monotopia lab & store / identity / visual experience

transfer modern utopian feeling, and clearly differentiate monotopia from
other concept stores, offering conceptual jewelry

sf opera / print design

soprano lianna haroutounian's evening, performing at san francisco opera.
suprematist semi-abstract visual solutions, printed on a5 glossy paper.

urbanchee / side project about egoism /

silent short videos. abstract graphic design. black long sleave hoodies for noone. fav.

oottee / identity / web ux / ucraft<3

curated fashion platform concept (2018 spring version) which offers a new approach to literate consuming. means, great curated shop, private photo bank, an app and your best look for today.

evnmag / print / illustration / guest author

another fav.
cover illustrations for yerevan magazine.

2019 spring - super soon

unique crafted brand identities, visual experience and graphic communication
for businesses, events and organizations

graphic design and branding / yerevantropics

san francisco opera
evnmag / 2017 ' 18 ' 19